Celebrate Sports With Polo Haus Country-themed Polo Shirts

This collection by Polo Haus screams the power of sports in bringing a sense of togetherness and unity among people with diverse backgrounds, allowing you to support your favourite team’s athletes stylishly whilst proudly sporting your passion no matter where you are.

The collar polo shirt or polo tee for men has become one of the most sought-after clothing collections in Polo Haus.

Originally only available in one style with signature colours in the midst of the sporting world, we have taken our own fashion creativity spin in all of our quality polo shirts without losing the basic elements that designate the style’s silhouette and design of classic polo wear.

The polo shirt collection brought to you by Polo Haus is the definition of polo fashion progressing into a more casual look.

It is something suitable and appropriate to put on in formal settings, as we balanced out the classic elegance a polo shirt can provide. 

It comprises unique individual designs and details that symbolise different teams in iconic game events according to countries, namely the Malaysia, United States (US), China, Japan, Germany, and United Kingdom (UK).

We created these polo shirts for sports fans like you in which your supports and spirits will take you far beyond match days.

In our latest men’s polo collection, we have launched a new and vibrant series, known as the Country Theme collection.

Without further ado, let’s jump in and gain insights about the latest Polo Haus collection – Country-themed Polo Shirts, starting with the premium fabric we source to create this polo tee series, followed by an in-depth view of our Country Theme collection and ways to style them.

Let’s brace yourself as you will take away with the numerous know-hows on polo fashion!

The Benefits Of Cotton Knit Fabric On Men’s Polo Shirts

The Country-themed Polo Shirts collection is lovingly made with premium cotton knit fabric we attentively sourced to ensure the best of quality for customers like you.

It is an all-season material with a flexible drape and soft touch, designed for unrestricted movement when you cheer for your favourite team’s athletes, as well as beyond match days in iconic game events.

Furthermore, this type of fabric is:


This polo shirt collection in the cotton knit fabric is suitable to put on in almost any occasion and setting.

Be it at a workplace, during leisure activities or exercising, this Country-themed collection presents you in the most fashionable way.


The cotton knit fabric on the polo tee in this Country-themed collection has a long lifespan, even for those who are rough with their clothing.

It is easy to wash and remove stains, making you look clean and fresh at all times after washing.


The breathable characteristic of cotton knit fabric brings you comfort even when you are a sweaty mess whilst cheering for your favourite team during tense and thrilling match days.

This Country-themed collection will keep the sweat trap at bay.

United As One With Polo Haus Country-themed Polo Shirts

Experience the excitement of iconic game events with our Country-themed Polo Shirts collection, in which you can share the same spirit and enthusiasm as your favorite team’s athletes.

This collection by Polo Haus presents a vibrant polo wear series that echoes the motto or values generated amid the iconic game events.

Despite differences in all aspects, let’s share the sense of togetherness and prepare for the biggest sporting event in the world with Polo Haus’ signature cuts, exclusive designs and modern style.

Constructed under time-honoured quality craftsmanship, look good in a classic polo shirt as we incorporate bold visuals and typography designs.

It comprises unique individual details that symbolise different teams in iconic game events according to countries, namely Malaysia, United States (US), China, Japan, Germany, and United Kingdom (UK).

This Country-themed Polo Shirts collection indeed allows a maximum leisure-to-formal potential.

Look stylish in any setting with a classic polo shirt look that comes with the embroidered brand logo, the country design print on the back body, collar neckline, as well as front buttons fastening.

Let’s look at what this series has to offer, designated for your stylish leisure-to-formal OOTD!

This high-quality polo wear is covered in a trendy camouflage pattern or camo print to bring your trendiness to a new high while you are supporting the Malaysia Team from afar in iconic game events.

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit Malaysia Team Polo Tee

With a touch of passion red subtlety baring at the side sleeve woven with the symbol of Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, as well as the buttons fastening part, this Malaysia Team Polo Tee will enhance your polo tee collection in your wardrobe.

Put on this polo shirt to keep Malaysia close to your heart wherever you go, as the Malaysia flag is intricately embroidered onto the chest.

“ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE” printed on the back will definitely heighten your team spirit, and your national pride will certainly run deep.

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit US Team Polo Tee

Wherever you are in the world, you can now support, applaud, and cheer for the US team’s athletes in style.

Become a fashionable sports spectator or audience in glamorous red during any iconic game events by ditching the T-shirt, as we are providing a wardrobe upgrade via this collection.

This swanky US Team Polo Tee is what you have been looking for to complete your match day outfits or fashionable leisurewear on any occasion.

It boasts a distinct “UNITED STATES TEAM” at the back body that is sure to let everyone recognize where your allegiances lie for any iconic game events.

Alongside the map of Japan with the symbol of Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, this outfit will remind others of the unity an iconic game event can bring to people. 

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit China Team Polo Tee

With a touch of golden at the iconic polo logo and the buttons fastening part, this vibrant red camo print polo tee is the ultimate top-wear to show your love towards the China Team in iconic game events.

This China Team Polo Team comes in a minimal design with ribbed finishes at the sleeve ends that will win over anyone with this assertive style.

All eyes on you and this vibrant polo shirt as you dress up for any occasions and settings, ready to head out in much confidence whilst showing your support for the China Team in style.

A vertical and minimal design of 5 stars embroidered onto the back body is inspired by the China flag, which is vividly shown on your right chest as well. 

Show off your Japan Team fandom with class in this classic polo shirt, whether you are at your workplace or just hanging out with your close ones.

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit Japan Team Polo Tee

Let us achieve the impossible and share great moments together during iconic game events in this high-quality Japan Team Polo Tee.

With energetic red lines across your shoulder and the side of the polo shirt, you can definitely bet on this chic design that makes you the trendiest person in the room.

The map of Japan with the symbol of Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, adorns the back body.

A bold visual of “ACHIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE” will serve in retelling the great moments of international sportsmanship in iconic game events.

Broadcast your devotion towards the Deutschland Team with this stylish polo wear during match days of iconic game events, or throw it on for any occasions for that sophisticated look.

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit Deutschland Team Polo Tee

Crafted in a solid black shade with a contrast red subtlety revealing at the buttons fastening part, this sophisticated Deutschland Team Polo Tee comes with ribbed finishes on both sleeves.

It features the country-inspired design embroidered and printed, easily illustrating your fandom in a few unique ways on a single polo tee.

Nothing screams cool like a black outfit amid the crowd, wherever you are.

Polo Haus – Men’s Regular Fit Great Britain Team Polo Tee

The symbol of Japan, Land of the Rising Sun, is in unity with the Great Britain flag, both perfectly embroidered side by side at the chest of this polo shirt.

Be part of the union movement and applaud your favourite team in this Great Britain Team Polo Tee, sharing a sense of togetherness and celebrating sportsmanship as one.

Let your Great Britain team spirit fly in this simple polo tee with a line design inspired by the Great Britain flag on your left shoulder.

In fact, this polo wear features a crisp design that will keep you cool and comfortable whenever you are, especially while cheering for them.

This Country-themed Polo Shirts collection by Polo Haus will remind us of the great significance of international sportsmanship and unity through iconic game events.

Therefore, we hope that you will take away everything you need to know about this surprisingly versatile polo tee collection a man can ever own in the wardrobe. 

With an aim in mind to become the ultimate choice when it comes to premium polo wear, Polo Haus has extended our online presence via this official e-Commerce website, where customers can buy polo shirts online and browse our online catalogue at anytime and anywhere.

Besides, we welcome you to join us on our social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and take part in the “UNITED TO WIN” contest and stand a chance to win amazing prizes up to RM617!

In short, share the proud and inspiring moments together while watching your favorite team thriving in the iconic game event from the comfort of your own home.