4 Reasons Why Athleisure Casual Wear Is Popular

The Athleisure wear that makes every man feel their best active self is here to stay in the fashion world, and there are definitely reasons for it. Polo Haus takes pride in staying up to date with the latest men’s fashion trends. So naturally, we have come up with the latest casual activewear collection called the PL7, bringing men the new identity for every sporty self. 

Combining the sporty aspects of sportswear and the laid-back features of casualwear, PL7 is the ultimate men’s Athleisure streetwear for you. With its wear-anywhere styles that goes beyond men’s active apparel, put on this booming collection of PL7 and feel confident at any leisure outings or casual occasions. Dive deep into the reasons why casual activewear stands out in men’s fashion with PL7. We will be also looking at all the key Athleisure pieces of Polo Haus, ranging from Graphic Tee, Polo Shirt, Long Sleeve Top, Short Sleeves Top, Long Pants and Short Pants. Are you ready to bring your new identity to a new high? Here we go!


Benefits of Polo Haus PL7 Casual Activewear 

Who doesn’t love the idea of looking stylish when going out and about or simply running some errands of the day? Put on something that makes you move around actively without restriction, and at the same time, elevates your whole outfit. The Polo Haus PL7 collection not only brings you a quality polo shirt, as we have crafted a series of Athleisure wear that exudes a sporty casual look that is up to every man’s ally. In this section, let’s look at what the modern Polo Haus PL7 collection has to offer.

Stylish & Minimal

The sporty look is not meant just for on the track or in the gym anymore. The activewear trend is here to stay, so why not take this opportunity to look fashion-forward with our PL7 activewear collection. We go the extra mile when it comes to infusing athletic elements into this collection without going overboard, so every man can carry the famed minimal trend with minimal fuss.

Comfort & Cooling 

One of the reasons why our PL7 activewear is attracting fashion-enthusiastic men like you is because of the cooling materials we used to craft this collection. We select fabric materials such as Cotton and Polyester that keeps you cool and dry, suitable for you to stay in anytime or head out anywhere amid humid days of Malaysia. And when you are comfortable in our PL7 collection, you will be at your best energetic self to relax or get things done.

Easy-care & Durable

Stay dashing and look neat with the PL7 activewear collection that we attentively made with easy-care cotton and anti-wrinkle polyester. Save your time from ironing and get ready without hassle for a chic active OOTD. This durable series is going to stay in your wardrobe for quite some time even though you are going to reach out for them all the time. Well, rest assured you don’t need to go for another round of shopping spree anymore.

Efficient & Convenient

Our PL7 athleisure wear is ready to keep you in anytime and take you out anywhere you want. Staying in, running errands, or hanging out with friends? Our modern activewear transitions you from indoor to outdoor conveniently. In addition, we put functionality into our trendy collection so you can move around without the restrictions, perfect for modern active men like you.


6 Must-Haves Activewear from the Polo Haus PL7

As the ultimate classic polo online store, Polo Haus is including the quality Polo Shirt into the PL7 collection that makes you stand out in the Malaysian men’s fashion world. What’s more, this collection incorporates Graphic Tee, Long Sleeve Top, Short Sleeves Top, Long Pants and Short Pants. These timeless sporty pieces with more neutral and muted colours elevate your casualwear or streetwear in this era of versatile clothing. Keep reading for some fresh Athleisure must-haves from PL7.

Graphic Tee 

Own your sporty lifestyle with the PL7 Graphic Tee and elevate your everyday wear with this seriously trendy statement. This stylish Polo Haus top for men is versatile and pairs well with anything you put on. With a modern and minimal graphic printed on this key Athleisure piece, stay cool and look cool at one go with this 100% cotton PL7 Graphic Tee. Suitable for men who don’t settle for plain, this is not the typical regular fit top as its athletic details of the line’s graphics make this top really pop amid the crowd. 

Polo Shirt

You can’t go wrong with Polo Haus’ simple and well-made Polo Shirt for modern men. Go beyond special occasions and be ready for whatever comes next with the sporty regular fit silhouette and a front button fastening on this PL7 Polo Shirt. Made with 100% polyester, this performance fabric is quick-dry, so you can avoid awkward sweat patches throughout the day. Rock this timeless Polo Shirt with modern sporty touches on the sleeve and top spine to something more tailored down below for a smart evening ensemble.

Long Sleeves Top

The crew neck Long Sleeves Top in the PL7 collection is infused with a minimalist design that delivers maximum possibilities when it comes to rocking your sporty casual activewear look. It is definitely a staple piece for training enthusiasts or active men to amp up the overall outfit of the day and night. Polo Haus crafted the PL7 Long Sleeves Top with 2 types of fabrics, namely the Cotton blend and Polyester, allowing stylish men to be in their own active lives positively and keep mental stresses from the heat at bay.

Short Sleeves Top

Polo Haus delivers a series of Athleisure PL7 Short Sleeves Top that radiates an understated coolness and a bold presence, drawing onlookers’ attention wherever you are. With a seamless balance of masculine and functionality, this 100% polyester Short Sleeves Top by Polo Haus comes in both V-neckline and crew-neckline. Build a variety of laid-back looks and stand out with modern-day spirit comfortably in this moisture-wicking PL7 Short Sleeves Top. If your wardrobe doesn’t have one of these, you should get one for training or leisure purposes.

Long Pants

Featuring an elastic waistband, drawstring fastening and 3 spacious pockets, feel as good as they look in the PL7 Long Pants by Polo Haus. You will find yourself wearing this relaxed fit and cotton blend Long Pants in the house or even hitting the streets for a sophisticated casual look. Own the characterful effect emanates from the PL7 Long Pants as the side seams are printed with chic graphics, walking your way in style.

Short Pants

Crafted with an elastic waistband and drawstring fastening, the PL7 Short Pants is a cool and easy way to rock the Athleisure trend. This all-purpose cotton blend Short Pants with ergonomic cut lines for your easy movement, definitely your go-to Athleisure piece for training days or leisure outings. You can be as stylish as you want in these slip-on Short Pants as you pair them with any tops or shoes that are up to your street.


Dominate the Fashion World with Polo Haus PL7

At Polo Haus, we strive to uphold our aim in delivering only high-quality polo shirt and other key statement pieces that make up your amazing outfits. In the latest assemblage of the Athleisure series PL7, this collection includes exemplary active-wear pieces made for your multitasking lifestyles. Ranging from Graphic Tee, Polo Shirt, Long Sleeve Top, Short Sleeves Top, Long Pants, and Short Pants, the PL7 for men adapts to your days and nights, providing versatility and comfort like no other. We go above and beyond in sourcing the best fabrics that keep you comfy, and the coolest graphics that keep you dashing. The Athleisure PL7 by Polo Haus is here to stay. Upgrade your wardrobe essentials effortlessly as you receive our quality polo shirt and other PL7 pieces straight at your doorsteps! Click here to buy now!