CoolTech Polo Tee Collection for Hot Days in Malaysia

Malaysia has a tropical rainforest climate all year round that is hot and humid. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable when you are in a sweat-soaked polo shirt or polo tee, and it is impossible to stay indoors eternally just to escape this sweating weather in Malaysia. This is because sooner or later, we all have to venture into the great outdoors for activities such as working, quick-run to the grocery stores or strolling around the park.

With our intention of making a difference in Malaysian men’s daily apparel, Polo Haus has implemented the cooling fabric technology designed to battle heat conditions into our quality CoolTech Polo Tee Collection. Our casual polo shirt apparel from this collection comes with adaptive fabric that is engineered to cool you down as you heat up is ideal for active men like you, beating the hot and humid days comfortably whilst enjoying your sunny day. Besides feeling sweat-free and COOL, you will look COOL wearing our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection as OOTD whenever or wherever you are!

How You Can Stay Cool With Our CoolTech Polo Tee

The temperature-regulating and fast-drying features in our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection makes your hot days much more bearable while staying fashionable.

The high-quality cooling fabric we invested in this collection assists in distributing your body heat quickly throughout the garment, avoiding the awkward sweat spots from appearing whilst ensuring you stay cool, fresh and comfy!

So, how does our CoolTech Polo Tee actually work?

Here is a simple rundown that will enlighten you about our most sought-after polo shirts with effective cooling fabric technology, making this collection part of your daily lives.

The body converts energy into heat

The temperature of the body increases

The heat and sweat travels through the fabric capillary spaces

The fabric pulls moisture across the clothes’ exterior and evaporates

The quick-dry feature leads to evaporation and cooling effect


CoolTech Polo Tee Collection by Polo Haus

Polo Haus invested in industry-leading fabric technology that focused on achieving the overall cooling performance without sacrificing an ounce of your wearable comfort. We take our classic polo shirt or polo tees to a whole new level for Malaysian men living on humid days as our customers rave about how comfortable and durable they are, thanks to the premium material.

You can now buy polo shirt online or in our physical stores and become the trendy guy you aspire to be.

In our stylish and modish CoolTech Polo Tee Collection, we utilised the Cotton Mix Microfiber Lacoste Knit, a blend of comfort and cooling in the form of a polo shirt with a classic embroidered brand logo, suitable for every modern man like you.

Let’s look at how this blend makes you feel cool physically and visibly!

The Breathable Cotton

The breathable, soft, and comfortable properties of cotton make it the principal clothing fibre of the world. Its high breathability has led to more action in cotton blends amid the fashion world to provide more durability as well as wicking capabilities once it is treated, allowing you to stay cool in this fabric.

The Moisture-wicking Microfiber

The microfiber’s moisture-wicking capability and absorption ability have made it a popular choice for performance apparel that will keep wearers like you dry and cool throughout hot days. Besides, our fabric that blends with microfibre holds its shape well yet feels soft on your skin.

The Regular Fit

The regular fit of our classic polo shirt is fit enough to come into closer contact with your skin, allowing the fabric to perform its role in pulling moisture away from the clothes’ surface, yet it is loose enough to become an exemplary fabric for your relaxing leisure activities.

The Light Colours

The collection is made up of light colours in shades of blue. This is due to the fact that choosing a lighter colour in your outfit of the day is effective when it comes to avoiding getting hot on a hot humid day. Lighter outfits will reflect light efficiently while keeping you cool as compared to a darker shade that absorbs the heat from the tropical atmosphere.


Reap The Benefits of Wearing CoolTech Clothing

Imagine staying motivated throughout a hot day without the need to stop everything you do and find ways to cool yourself down, we would love that too and our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection should do the trick. Without a doubt, our cooling and comfortable polo shirts with airy loops brings modern Malaysian men like you the ultimate comfort in the hot and humid climate in Malaysia, making our classic polo shirts for men the essential clothing and an intelligent way to disperse heat and sweat.

Without further ado, let us look at how wearing our cooling and comfortable CoolTech Polo Tee Collection benefits you all year round in the hot and humid Malaysia climate!

Perform Better In Your Daily Routine

Increase your work performances and stay motivated throughout your day with our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection. You are able to move around and perform tasks comfortably without the feeling of your polo shirt sticking to your skin and restricting your movement. Besides, you can avoid awkward sweat stains on our CoolTech polo shirts so you can have a comfortable and confident body language in the workplace.

Reduce The Stress Cause By The Heat

Avoid being frustrated and tense from the heat with our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection. The heat that eventually makes you sweat brings out our frustration if the hotness is trapped within your clothing. This disturbance makes you stop everything and causes you to stress over your unfinished tasks. Focus solely on your errands by wearing our CoolTech polo shirts that boost evaporation, unlike any other fabric.

Avoid Skin Allergies In Cooling Fabric

Ditch the sweaty sensation and stench with our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection. For those who have allergy-prone or sensitive skin, our highly breathable CoolTech polo shirts will ensure that there will be no irritation from the heat or moisture trapped within your clothing. This fabric will adequately make your skin cool, wick off any excess moisture away and keep your skin dry from dirty sweat.


CoolTech Polo Tee: Comfort In The Heat Of Hot Days

It is not a surprise for Polo Haus to deliver classic polo shirts with top-notch comfort and luxury. And now, with the cooling fabric technology in our CoolTech Polo Tee Collection, you can stay cool and look cool in this tropical climate.

Say goodbye to sticky clamminess that will upset your mood with the help of the right breathable fabric, elevating your comfort when you go out and about every day.

Now you can shop the stylish and chic CoolTech Polo Tee Collection in the sizes from M to XXL, making you feel like yourself, comfortable and confident on any occasion. Add this classic polo wear to the cart now! Stay connected via our social media platforms and get updated with our latest news.