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Hello! What began as a small fashion retail store selling men’s footwear in the 1980s evolved into perfecting premium men’s polo, which then further extended into Haus Women and Kids line in the late 2000s.

Through the decades, we have always strived for excellence in the quality of our products, craftsmanship, and customer service, not to mention keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends. It is a point of passion and pride for us here at Polo Haus to dress our customers for everything from casual outings or office attire.

Shop Original Polo Shirts and Polo Theme Designed T-shirts at Polohaus

The polo tee shirt began when outdoor activities became important for the British ruling class. Horse-related sports, such as polo, would use Jodhpur pants and polo shirts as part of their wardrobe, which was brought back from India by the British, along with the game of polo.

Since then, the classic polo design has been so integrated into our cultural fashion sense that every wardrobe closet in the world would probably contain at least a single polo men’s shirt. The polo basic style is versatile as it is appropriate for casual or formal occasions.

We only choose the best materials to make our polo clothing that ensures not only comfort for wearing them in a hot and humid climate country such as Malaysia but also durability paired with excellent craftsmanship that keeps the polo tee shirts looking sharp and new even after countless wears and washes.

Purchase High-Quality Jeans for Men

Polo Haus goes beyond polo tees, our high-quality denim jeans for men and shorts are designed to compliment our polo T-shirt for men and take the whole outfit to the next level. Available in men’s stretch jeans, slim-fit shorts, straight-fit jeans, and slim-fit jeans, our men’s denim jeans collection belongs in your wardrobe.

Buy Muslimah Wear at Polohaus

For those seeking a more traditional clothing line, Polo Haus has got you covered. Check out our baju Melayu and kurta collection to wear during formal and casual outings. Our classic cekak musang baju Melayu or our long-sleeved slim fit kurtas, you decide.

Finish Your Look with Polohaus Accessories

Do you know what completes the look of a modern man? Polo outfit alongside some polo accessories, voila, classic, modern look. From polo sling bags to polo belts to handbags for the ladies, select your favourite from Polo Haus.

Beyond making quality polo tee in Malaysia, we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations everyday with premium customer service that would match the quality of our product. Our well trained retail assistants are equipped and eager to ensure that our customers continue to look good and feel great in a Polo Haus. To show our unending gratitude towards our customers, we have initiated a customer loyalty program that offers better deals for our regular customers.

While there are many polo tee brands in Malaysia, what sets Polo Haus apart from the rest is our dedication in providing the ultimate customer satisfaction with every purchase. From carefully selected quality materials, talented craftsmanship and superior customer service, we guarantee that a Polo Haus shopper is a fan for life, as we dress you from childhood to adulthood, for every age and gender.