Polo Baju Melayu Cekak Musang Slim Fit

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Polo Baju Melayu Cekak Musang Slim Fit

Recommended for Convocation, Events and Wedding Ceremony

Fabric :
This micro fiber fabric made from synthetic material,typically nylon blend from polyester and the key benefits this fabric is more durable, colour lasting,wrinkle less and quick drying.

Design :
Selected premium quality and contemporary design.

Function :
Easy iron       : Easy to reducing the wrinkle and don’t need a long time to iron.

Quick drying : The quick-dry always refer to the fabric or garment will dry faster.Quick dry fabric designed for the  requirements of outdoor environment.

Easy care       : Wrinkle resistant processing retains its even after multiple washes with quick drying.

Workmanship :
Every piece of garment make from exclusive collar interlining and good quality workmanship.

Style –The 5 Button ( 5 pillar of islam )

1.Shahadah, believe in one god and that Mohamad.
2.Salat 5 times a day.
3.Zakat , the giving of wealth or charity to those in need.
4.Fasting ,from first light until sundown during the month of  Ramadhan.
5.Pilgrimage to mecca,for those financially and physically able.

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Black, Mint Green, Dusty Pink, Bisque


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