Polo Haus - Straight Jeans (Light Blue)

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Skinny jeans are great but the rigid classic jeans are back to stay now even for men's fashion. Cool, carefree credentials of non-stretch jeans are being reinterpreting into denim's new vast heritage. This Polo Haus Straigh cut jeans will keep you instyle for a good amount of time. There's always this sense of freedom when you're in a pair of jeans, you can style it with comfortable white tees. Men must have a pair of jeans that is easy to wear and just go, this is it!

Length: 29/S, 29 1/2 /M, 30 /L, 30 1/2 /XL
Shoulder: 15 1/2 /S, 16 / M, 16 1/2 /L, 17 /XL
Chest: 20 /S, 21 /M, 22 /L, 23/XL
Sleeve Length: 25 /S, 25 1/2 /M, 26 /L, 26 1/2/XL

Machine Wash Gentle Care.
Do Not Bleach.
Do Not Tumble Dry.
Medium Iron.
Do Not Dry Clean.
Separate Wash Dark Colours.

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