Polo Haus Long Sleeve Shirt (Brown/White)

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Need a shirt that's interesting for a meeting? Plain coloured shirts of blue, white and pink for meetings are just too boring. Get this Polo Haus light brown checkered shirt that gives off that slight quirky feel under your business coat. Most times, it's not only about the content of the meeting, but the people's interaction in the meeting that closes a deal. Wear this for meetings with people that appreciate creativity and entreprenauring.

Length: 30 /M, 31 /L, 32 /XL, 33 /XXL.
Chest: 43 /M, 45 /L, 47 /XL, 49 /XXL.
Waist: 41.5 /M, 43.5 /L, 45.5 /XL, 47.5 /XXL.
Sleeve Length: 24.5 /M, 25 /L, 25.5 /XL, 26 /XXL.

Product Care:

Machine Wash Gentle Cycle.
Do Not Bleach.
Do not Tumble Dry.
Do Not Iron.
Do Not Dry Clean.
Separate Wash Dark Colours.
Do Not Soak

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