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Shop for Men’s Polo T-shirts at Polo Haus Online Store

You can tell a lot about a man from the clothes that he wears. What's more, you can distinguish him from other men by his choice of polo t-shirts. This may sound like a nitpicking distinction, but upon closer look, a man’s personality is reflected in how he styles his men's polo tops.

Classic Polo Shirt

The classic collar slim fit polo men's shirt indicates he is a man of principles, respect for rules and is driven. His choice of polo is accentuated by the design of the shirt as well, between plain block colours or sleek patterns. Classic is not necessarily boring, but one will never go wrong with a style that has withstood the test of time. Nothing screams class and poise more than a white polo shirt and black pants!

Polo Tee

For the slightly rebellious man who loves marching to the beat of his own drum, the polo round neck or v-neck polo t-shirts are more his style. Not one to be boxed in, this type of man is expressing in his style that they are creative and they are risk takers. These are the trailblazers.

Polo Sport & Polo Active

For the more outdoorsy polo men, the men's polo tops also come in polo sport and polo active with motorcycle and racing theme designs. It is almost an art form to pull off activewear in fashion without looking under-dressed or, worse still, sloppy! But Polo Haus chooses fabric with breathable, cool tech material that looks good to wear and feels even more comfortable to move around in.

Polo Haus-Polo & More

The common misconception is that our collection at Polo Haus, by virtue of our name, carries nothing more than classic men's formal shirts. In actual fact, our menswear offers versatile designs that are fashion appropriate for almost every occasion, both casual and formal.

For business or office wear, our clothing includes formal men's collar polo shirts, both long-sleeve polo slim fit shirts and short-sleeve polo shirts and polo t-shirts that come in a variety of colours.

Did you know that we also carry Muslim wear for men here at Polo Haus? That’s right! You can find short or long sleeved kurta tops, and slim fit baju melayu for men in the style of cekak musang and teluk belanga collars. The fit baju Melayu offers a more flattering appearance and comfortable wear.

Speaking of comfort, our polo jacket is an ultra-soft and warm, casual attire with a classy embroidered brand logo and a smart military-influenced design that exudes confidence and substance.

Lastly, our men’s collection even includes bottoms such as jeans, slacks and shorts. Needless to say, every man can be dressed from head to toe in Polo Haus and look dapper while doing so.

Some people are of the opinion that the polo shirts prices at Polo Haus are of the higher-end range. However, what distinguishes Polo Haus from the sea of mediocre polo brands in the market is our commitment to quality in every aspect of our business. Only top-quality fabrics are used, created with excellent craftsmanship and complemented with friendly and helpful customer service.

It is no wonder why Malaysian men choose Polo Haus as their trusted premium polo menswear boutique.